about Us

What we doLess

We provide credit restoration services. These services includes but are not limited to:

  • Disputing inaccurate derogatory information from the 3 major credit bureaus

  • We make sure the information that is reported is accurate and up to date

  • We keep the client engage throughout the phases

  • We follow through on our promises

What makes us different?Less

  • We are 100% honest with our clients

  • We do not make any CRAZY guarantees

  • We don’t charge for work we do not do

  • We only charge for the phases that is best match to our clients profiles

How do we services our customers?Less

We use virtual software services to effectively and efficiently service our customers.The Dispute Software is a CRM where we enter all the customer information. We integrate their information with a website name IdentityIQ.Once the integration takes place we can manually click the accounts we want to dispute and virtually send the letters to the 3 major bureaus or collection agencies.